Whether you’re a school leaver looking to advance your qualifications and career prospects or an adult returning to learning to start a new career, get a promotion at work or even start your own business, BMet can support you all the way.

You’ll benefit from their partnerships with world leading employers and their links with top universities. BMet’s state-of-the-art facilities, passionate staff, exceptional academic and careers advice, and financial support will help ensure that you realise your dreams.

Here are some of the courses available:

  • ESOL (speaking and listening course)

  • English for Work (improve spelling, grammar and comprehension from Entry 2 to Level 2)

  • Maths for Work (learn practical maths skills- from Entry 2 to Level 2)

  • Practical Horticulture Skills Level 1 (gardening skills from the Botanical Gardens)

  • Basic IT Skills (Learn about emailing, job-searching online, basic word processing and more)

  • Business Administration Level 1 (important office workplace skills)

  • Health and Social Care Level 1 (foundation skills for working in the care sector)

  • Cleaning and Facilities Level1 (excellent training with information about products, chemicals and practical cleaning skills)

And many more!

FREE courses for people aged 19 years and over: www.bmet.ac.uk/our-courses/courses-for-19/free-courses-for-job-seekers
See all other courses here: www.bmet.ac.uk/our-courses

The main website address is: www.bmet.ac.uk
You can contact them on 0121 362 1174. Alternatively, an application can be made at www.bmet.ac.uk/jobseekers

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