English Class Presentations - July 2018The English Conversation Classes were initially set up to provide practical learning to people who want to learn to speak English more confidently. The classes are friendly and informal and are run by a team of committed volunteers.

Do and be more! The project helps people from different communities to develop their spoken English.

This includes:

  • Activities that encourage people to practice speaking English

  • Developing confidence to speak English with others

  • Raising confidence of participants so they are able to interact in their local community

Why this provision is so important:

We cannot underestimate the importance of learning the language of any country in which a person may live.

From the small things that we take for granted like speaking to neighbours, asking for directions and shopping; to the major things like applying for housing or income benefits, applying for and keeping a job.

The English Conversation classes will greatly assist and support people whose first language is not English and newly arrived communities in particular to settle into and engage within the local life of their area, and to fulfill their basic human need, that of belonging.

For more information contact the BBL office on 0121 448 5594 or Mehnaz Afzal (Volunteer Co-ordinator) on 07421 994753 or mehnaz@birchfieldbiglocal.org


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