Since joining Local Trust as CEO in 2017, Matt Leach has visited many of the 150 Big Local areas. It was Birchfield’s turn this July and Matt arrived at Grosvenor Road to be met by partnership members and staff. After a brief presentation about Birchfield Big Local focusing on volunteering, youth work, the social enterprise hub, the response to Covid-19 and the potential legacy of the programme we went on a tour of the area accompanied by Councillor Hussain (Birchfield Ward) and artist and photographer Vanley Burke.

Included in the tour were Lyndon Close, where resident and partnership member Tom Clements explained the work with residents to enhance facilities in the garden between these Art-Deco flats, then on to the Secret Garden, before arriving at Livingstone Road Community Allotment where BRAG chair Barbara Petris showed Matt around and introduced representatives from Caring for Carers.

Back at Grosvenor Road lunch was provided and there was the opportunity for Matt to meet with some of the volunteers and members of the elders group. The visit was a great opportunity to reflect on the many achievements to date and share future plans and priorities.

Thanks to Vanley for the photographs.


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