On Wednesday 18 July we celebrated the achievements of the students attending the Birchfield Big Local English Conversation Class at Grosvenor Road Studios.

Tippa Naphtali, Volunteer Coordinator, introduced the event and thanked the students for their excellent attendance and commitment to improving their conversational English and thanked Mehnaz Fatma and Salema Bibi for their dedication in leading the twice weekly sessions.

Tippa said; “We cannot underestimate the importance of learning the language of any country in which a person may live. From the small things that we take for granted like speaking to neighbours, asking for directions and shopping; to the major things like applying for housing or income benefits, applying for and keeping a job.

Our English classes really help to support newly arrived communities to settle into and engage within the local life of the area, and to fulfill their basic human need, that of belonging.”

A huge thanks to the students for their enthusiasm and to Mehnaz and Salema for their ongoing commitment to the classes. Thanks also to Paula Clarke who has helped with support in developing the session resources.

We look forward to the new term starting in September.

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