The Elders Group will be temporarily placed on hold due to the impacts of Covid-19.

After a short period of inactivity, we are re-developing the Elders Group at Birchfield Big Local. We are seeking to recruit a mixture of experienced and interested volunteers.


Elders Group Volunteer Assistants will develop and plan activities, outings and events in conjunction with other staff and partners.


The Elders Group was initially set up to provide socialising and informational activities for people aged 50 and over from a range of backgrounds and cultures, that live within the Birchfield Big Local area.

Some of the types of activities in the revised group may include:

  • Health & wellbeing talks, workshops or external visits delivered or hosted by third party organisations or practitioners

  • Arts and creative sessions (e.g. tie dye, t-shirt printing, visits to exhibitions, museums and recreational grounds etc)

  • Healthy eating and taster sessions encouraging participants to think about what they eat and the impact on their physical health

  • Incorporating BBL annual Christmas meal and choir events as an integral part of the activities of the Elders Group

You can view/download the Elders Group Volunteer Assistants role description here >

For information please telephone: 07421994753 or email

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