provided by: LouDeemY Productions
date: January 2019

“Join us at our ten free creative sessions using fun, imaginative drama, writing and creative techniques and activities to explore issues around food, health and well-being”.

Learn how to develop and put on a creative performance show, learn what happens before, during and after a show is performed

The sessions will provide a safe environment where participants feel comfortable and supported in sharing experiences around food, health, and well-being, whilst engaging in open exploration.

The sessions will look at what you think is healthy. With these insights participants will develop a performance piece using drama, creative writing, poetry and music.

As well as facilitating an exploration of the subject matter, the activities will provide participants with a range of long lasting soft, transferable skills which will help increase self-confidence, self-worth, self-esteem, self-expression, communication and interaction with others”

Places are limited so please email with contact details to book your place.

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