Birchfield Big Local was well represented at this Big Local Learning and Networking event held at BVSC on 2nd October. The event was facilitated by Chris Church, Community Environment Associates. Chris is also the Big Local rep for Birchfield Big Local. Some key ideas that came out of the event were:

  • Developing a plan or strategy that involves all stakeholders based on an assessment of the root causes of the problem e.g. What are the sources of the waste or fly tipping?
  • Any strategy needs to address personal, social, material issues and also habits
  • How can we engage those individuals/businesses that are important, if not critical, in tackling the problem – but perhaps not so keen to be involved e.g. private landlords and fast food outlets
  • Measuring and evaluating the difference we are making
  • Any strategy will need to be long-term and involve residents working collaboratively with local authorities, businesses, schools, faith organisations, housing associations and others
  • All residents are entitled to good waste management services and we should ensure that they are delivered

If this is an issue that you would like to contribute to then please do leave a comment or drop us an email at

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