Community Threads Display at the Secret Garden

On 29th & 30th October Birchfield Big Local hosted our first ever Light Night event. It was an event that brought together families from different communities to enjoy the trail walk and lights display in the Birchfield area.

In preparation for this event, myself and one of our Big local groups, called Birchfield Connecting Women’s Wellness Group (BCWW), a group of local like-minded women, who meet once a month to connect, catch up and nurture women’s wellness, were approached by the Light Night event workshop lead artists Sophie and Scylla to work with them to help make eye catching UV crafts, themed around ‘community’ to be displayed at the Secret Garden.

At the initial workshop, Sophie introduced us to members of another women’s group called, Khawateen Creative Minds (KCM) from Hay Mills, near Yardley, who had come to help and support us as they have had some experience in making creative work pieces to brighten up their own areas.

A welcoming first meeting at the Secret Garden soon found everyone chatting, smiling, and finding much in common about crocheting, weaving, and making pom poms. A few of the ladies from Birchfield group, had come prepared with crochet flower pieces that they had made at home and were more than happy to share their techniques with others.  Many ideas and suggestions were discussed, with the women working on their chosen creative personalised pieces, once completed they were happy for them to be used for Community Threads display including the heart frame as symbolised of the centre of the group and our Birchfield community.

Below are some of the womens personal comments, their words on how much they felt about taking part in making the Community Threads display and contributing to Birchfield light night event.

Mrs Parveen said “It was a lovely workshop, I really enjoyed it, it was so nice to see our group after a long time since the pandemic and lockdowns, but it was also great to meet the ladies from KCM as well as Sophie and Scylla. At the event I felt so happy to see my work on display and felt good to see others appreciating our work too.”

Nasreen said “really good workshop, everyone was polite and friendly, very helpful taught me how to make the pom poms by hand which I picked up quickly. Seeing the pictures of the display made me feel proud that I had taken part.”

Nahid said “it was good experience, I got to work with another group of women from Yardley who are like our group, but they have done more community creative work. Looking at their work inspired me to want to make our display special too. Sophie helped a lot, we found different techniques of making pom poms and weaving I also got some great crocheting tips. I felt proud in taking part and making something that was for the community, taking part helped to boost my confidence.”

Sophie, one of the lead artists said “We are grateful to Mehnaz and the Birchfield Connecting Women’s Wellness group for their support and creativity during Birchfield Light night. Your input was fundamental. It was a pleasure meeting everyone and working with you to create the gorgeous UV heart especially with all ladies handmade pom poms, crocheting flowers and weaving to create ‘Community Threads’ display, it looked fantastic. A huge thankyou to everyone involved.

The creative display was seen by many in the community during the two evenings in October, it was appreciated and received positive comments from those who attended. A massive thankyou to the Birchfield Connecting Women’s Wellness group, you should be very proud of yourselves.

Thanks also to Sophie, and Scylla, the lead artists, and Khawateen Creative Minds for contributing your time and creative talents.

If you would like further information about Birchfield Connecting Womens Wellness group, or would like to get involved in any other creative community activities in the future, please contact Mehnaz – BBL Volunteer Coordinator on 07421994753 or email

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