A Father’s Child Community Services is hosting a full days in-house training in the West Midlands, for the internationally recognised evidence-based Outcomes Star© support tool by Triangle. This tool enables you to measure change when working with a variety of people.

The programme aims to enable individuals and organisations to make the most of the Star to improve key work, help supervision to be more outcomes-focused, learn from Star data and provide evidence for commissioners and other funders.

Widely used in frontline professional services such as schools, local authorities, housing associations and NHS trusts in the UK, Outcomes Star© equips mentors, social workers, teachers, youth workers and professionals alike to implement a programme of evidence based interventions.

Its Mental Health Recovery Star was developed in collaboration with the Mental Health Providers Forum in the UK almost 10 years ago, and the stars are an Ideal platform for volunteers, informal helpers, supportive services; and is an ideal platform for Counsellors who may have trained with adults and are looking to make the shift to start working with children.

Some stars that will be incorporated at the event are:

  • Education: Shooting Star (for children and young people in school)

  • Youth Star (The Youth Star is designed for use in universal, community-based youth work)

  • The Mental Health Sector: The Recovery Star (for adults managing their mental health)

  • Criminal Justice: Justice Star (The Justice Star is designed for use with people on short sentences, approaching release from long sentences or in the community)

You can review the full list of Stars you could be licenced to use here:

Event Details:
Date: August/September 2018 – Full details to be confirmed
Venue: The Big Peg, 120 Vyse St, Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham, B18
Time: 9am to 5pm (Mandatory attendance for the full day)

Light refreshments provided. Lunch is not provided for this training. (All prices Inclusive of VAT)
AFCS Application form  |  See registration form for full price lists or visit www.afatherschildservices.com/training

Please try to arrive at least 15 minutes before the training starts. If there are any issues contact Michelle on 07731 523 297 or at afatherschildservices@gmail.com as soon as possible on the day.

Limited spaces available!
(Terms and Conditions apply)

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