Half-Term Black History Month Youth Scheme

Black History Month “Be Brave” 

During Black History Month, over the half-term week, Birchfield Big Local in partnership with Handsworth Play Centre organized a variety of activities to develop young people’s personal and social skills and their knowledge of Black History. The youth group consisted of 18-25 people and included daily activities such as drumming and tie-dying workshops, sports, attending lantern making workshops and much more! The scheme has worked with various agencies such as Ashante Chess, NK Tunes and Paul Snook Self Defence to keep the children informed and entertained over their half-term break.

“Be Brave” is all about overcoming obstacles such as Covid-19 and how it has changed lives. This scheme was aimed to promote positivity and build character for youths, as living through a pandemic can be damaging for Mental Health especially at such a young age. Engaging in social activities and being brave by participating are all steps in getting back to what the youth group know most and enjoy best.

One of the activities involved the youth group sharing their future aspirations and discussing what skills they would need to reach their goals. Having these group discussions helped the youths feel encouraged, inspired and supported in their lifelong learning.

Inspirational quotes from Civil Rights Activists, who have played a vital role in Black History:

‘Only when it is dark enough can you see the stars’ ~ Martin Luther King Jr

‘The Future Belongs To Those Who Prepare For It Today’ ~ Malcolm X

Another activity involved the children selecting a song that is favoured and inspiring to them. They then asked their parent/carer to share a song they were inspired by. Both songs were shared to the group and played for the youths to enjoy and dance along to. This celebration of music from all genres was an uplifting and creative way of socialising in a group setting. This activity is something you can spend doing in your free time with your friends and family to uplift each other and boost your mood!

Thank you to all the volunteers and workers involved in the half-term Black History “Be Brave” Youth Scheme. Birchfield Big Local will be having a three-day Christmas Half-Term Youth Scheme during the 20th – 22nd December 2021. This will be located at Grosvenor Road Studios. If you are interested and would like to find out more information about this, please contact our Youth Worker: Russell Green by email or telephone at  russell@birchfieldbiglocal.org or 07419213430.

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