Records of Partnership Meetings

Birchfield Big Local Partnership Meeting - Thursday 3rd December 2015

Record of matters discussed and actions to be taken

  • Plan and Partnership Annual Review – Chris Church, Big Local rep for Birchfield Big Local lead a review of the partnership and the community plan as required by the Local Trust. The partnership considered a series of questions designed to help evaluate the progress made by the partnership and with the plan. The annual review has to be completed before the Year 3 plan and budget can be approved by Local Trust.
  • Community Assets Survey – There was a report back on the meeting between partnership members and consultants Santosh Rai and Gavin Orton to short list the buildings and land identified through the assets survey. Gavin and Santosh have found 30 sites – either buildings or land – within the Birchfield Big Local area and have carried out an appraisal of which sites might be worth pursuing further. Following discussions with partnership members, 11 sites were selected for further investigation.
  • BBL Small Grants Scheme – the partnership looked at draft copies of the application form and Guidance notes for the proposed small grants scheme and made various amendments. The partnership agreed that individuals and non-constituted groups would be eligible to apply as the purpose of the grants is to encourage local people to step forward and deliver activities locally. There was a discussion about how to minimize any potential risks and a number of ideas were put forward to ensure that successful applicants were effectively monitored.
  • Staff supervision – There was a discussion about how the supervision for the Volunteer Coordinator and Community Development Worker was working.
  • Partnership members – The partnership agreed that recruiting new members is a priority and suggestions were made about how this might be best achieved.
Birchfield Big Local Partnership Meeting - Thursday 2nd July 2015
Birchfield Big Local Partnership Meeting
Thursday 2nd July 2015 

Record of matters discussed and actions to be taken

  • It was agreed to include a summary of the matters discussed at the partnership meetings on the website as bullet points with future actions.
  • Office changes – Staff and volunteers are in the process of moving the Big Local office downstairs at Grosvenor Road Studios. The upstairs office is to be retained as an IT suite for use by volunteers, job club, training etc.
  • Volunteer Co-ordinators post – a discussion was had about the Volunteer Co-ordinators post which is due for renewal in September. A recommendation was made and is to be circulated to partnership members for approval.
  • Our Bigger Story – Birchfield Big Local is one of 15 Big Locals to be chosen to take part in this evaluation project using multi-media. Staff and volunteers will be attending training soon in the use of multi-media.
  • Environment Strategy – Further meetings have taken place to develop an action plan for Birchfield with the focus on two adjoining pilot areas: Livingstone/Westminster/Havelock Roads and Westminster/Putney/Hutton/Stamford and Crompton Roads. The first area is part of Bloom in Birchfield and will be visited by the assessors on 30th July with the results due on 29th September. An Environment Summit is planned for the autumn.
  • Holiday Coach Trip – It was agreed to pay for a coach to provide transport for a day trip for local families. A report will be provided on the outcomes.
  • Tackling Fuel Poverty in Birchfield – a tender document for this proposed project has been produced and is to be circulated for comments.
  • Holiday activities for children – Investigations are to be made as to how to best support play schemes and other holiday activities in the area.
  • Birchfield Big Local Annual Review and Away Day – A date was set for the Away Day of 20th September which will include a review of the year and elections for honorary officers.